Open House Etiquette Tips

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With so many online tools available to help you search for homes nowadays, you can browse listings in your sweatpants, while eating pizza and watching movies. But, when the time comes to step away from the screen and visit a home in person, there are a few etiquette tips you should observe. 

Pre-Visit Prep

Open houses offer a unique opportunity to explore potential homes. They are typically open to the public, allowing you to visit without an agent. However, if you have one, bringing them along can be beneficial. 

Start by researching the property and neighborhood beforehand. This preparation enables you to ask informed questions and shows your interest in the property. 

On the day of the open house, arrive during the scheduled hours and dress appropriately. While there's no formal dress code, neat, casual attire is a gesture of respect and shows that you value the opportunity to view someone's home. 

At the Open House 

Sign-In: It's essential to fill out the sign-in sheet. This gesture is both a courtesy to the agent and a safety measure for the homeowners.
Respect the Space: Treat the property with care. This includes removing shoes if requested and supervising any children with you.
Observe Boundaries: You’re welcome to open closets and cabinets but do so with respect. Refrain from delving into personal items.
Photo Policy: Ask for permission before taking any photos or videos inside the property to respect the homeowners' privacy.
Parking Etiquette: Park thoughtfully without blocking driveways or taking up residents' spots. It’s a small gesture that shows big respect for the neighborhood.
Keep Feedback Tactful: Save discussions about the property's pros and cons for a private conversation with your agent, rather than having them during the open house.
Agent Interactions: If you're with your agent, allow them to lead interactions with the hosting agent for clear and professional communication.

Post-Visit Courtesy
As you leave, don't forget to express gratitude to the homeowner and/or hosting agent. This simple act of courtesy can leave a lasting positive impression. If the property piques your interest, follow up with your agent to ask additional questions. 

By adhering to these etiquette tips, your open house visits will be both pleasant and effective. Remember, each open house is an opportunity not only to find a potential home but also to present yourself as a courteous and serious buyer.

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Happy house hunting!